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The More Efficient Your Vehicle Tracking System is, The Better your Business Is


Role of Vehicle Tracking Systems in Business

Vehicle Tracking Systems carry a great significance not only in building the reputation of your business but in management as well. Yes, I have got reasons for it, have a look

Why your Business is better with Vehicle Tracking Systems?

1.      Firstly, time is everything in business: No denying, time is everything and you want to make the most of it. With time, business comes in and thus, if you improve your efficiency, you can get more business in the long run. Moreover, GPS vehicle tracking is a great way to manage the time of your entire fleet. By close monitoring, you can make the required adjustments as needed.

2.      No chance of wrong- pit stops: Secondly, the honesty of your employee’s remains confined to you. As they are getting tracked by GPS, there is no chance of wrong-pit stops.

3.      Saves your money & time: Vehicle Tracking Systems save your money by creating more efficient routes. Vehicle Tracking Systems lets you line up for more appointments in a single day. Also, it makes more deliveries in a shorter period of time.

4.      Builds your reputation: If a company is concerned about the safety of people, it never gets unnoticeable. This really helps in building the reputation of the company. Moreover, never forget that your competitors are keeping a constant eye in you. Thus, you need to stay ahead.

5.      Keep your customers satisfied: Your customers really have great expectations from you when it comes to the arrival or delivery part. Vehicle Tracking Systems assist you by providing required tools for better coordination.

In order to go for the highest quality of Vehicle Tracking Systems, you need to rely upon well trusted and reputed dealers. In my perspective, Convexicon is a highly reputed brand dealing in Vehicle Tracking Systems. It is an established customized application development company delivering web development and software services of any complexity to clients worldwide. The brand has an experienced and committed team of professionals who understands your every requirement.


Know more about Fleet Tracking Systems


What is GPS Fleet Tracking?

The process of tracking and monitoring the fleet vehicles in a business using Global Positioning System is known as GPS Fleet Tracking. GPS installed in the vehicle also capture a wide variety of information such as vehicle speed, engine start up and shut down status, fleet route and idling besides tracking the time. The remote user then receives the whole information. He/she can also view the maps of vehicle locations and routes or access available reports on vehicle status by using Internet.


Who uses GPS Fleet tracking Data?

GPS Fleet tracking data is used by Business owners, fleet managers and dispatchers in order to improve the fleet routing. Moreover, they can also use GPS to monitor unacceptable behavior of driver, to reduce fuel consumption and also to prevent theft. Thus, no doubt, business owners believe that the fleet tracking systems are very advantageous for them.


Fleet Tracking Systems Ensure Better Management

•          Fleet tracking system improves behind-the-scenes business processes by providing an accurate data.

•          Many owners also use the systems consisting of vehicle monitoring data field’s right into the billing system to customize, print or send the invoices.

•          As number of fleet tracking systems consists of accounting systems so that you can download invoices, payments, payroll and tax information between systems. Thus the best thing about these systems is that they reduce the need for paperwork.

•          Also, the fleet monitoring systems allow you to track the maintenance requirements for every vehicle in your fleet as the system alerts you through the reports module by sending an email.


Additional tools that you can add to your fleet tracking systems:

•          Power savers: These power savers put the device into sleep mode when not in use. The cost of this tool is not too high.

•          Weatherproof mounting: By using this tool, you can be sure that weather will not affect the system.

•          Camera systems: By putting cameras in the car, you can get benefit by driver monitoring and by recording accidents. This ensures safety.

•          Sander monitoring system: Sander monitoring system offers management visibility and control over the quantity of sand which is spread out. In short, it takes care of the roads which were treated. It also maintains records of quantity used and time spent.

•          Gas detection systems: These systems improve worker safety when they work in the places with oil, gas and fire. This add on tool gets little costly.


Buying tip: Make sure that you rely upon the dealer who is reputed and trusted service provider to have a great experience.

We at Convexicon make fleet tracking systems with the long term understanding of the needs of clients. The young team of enthusiasts working with us provides top notch software solutions with a responsive customer service desk. We deliver high quality GPS Devices for all your tracking needs.


Relax! Your Family Members Are Safe!

A short story of Meenakshi to begin with…

“I want to introduce you to Mr. Hitesh Aggarwal. He is our boss and we all love him, let me tell you why! We handle international clients and due to different shift timings, we have to return home really late at night. Initially my parents used to be worried about me as being a girl, travelling in cab is really dangerous considering current happenings. Situation worsened up to the limit of leaving the job but all thanks to our boss’s smart solution to problem. He got GPS vehicle tracking system installed in all the cabs for better safety measures. The GPS tracking system keeps a continuous check on the provided cab thus establishing complete safety for women employees.”

Heard about GPS system, we’re sure you must have! GPS tracking system has created a happy wave for all late night employees ensuring their complete safety. Its benefits are endless, let’s know more about it:-

Why cabs with GPS tracking are safe?

Don’t worry if you are lost: With GPS, you know where you’re going. In case, you are lost or distracted, the GPS will relocate the route automatically and get you where you need to go with minimal stress and distraction

Not familiar with roads, don’t worry: If you are not familiar with roads and are driving on busy multi-lane highways, a good-quality text-to-voice GPS will direct you the correct lane in advance

Great safety features: Features such as hands-free calling, special “help” button showing you the nearest police, hospital and garage direction, add more to the safety.

Even driving late at night is safe: This is one of the best features of in-car GPS as it provides you a better night vision while driving in low-visibility conditions. Moreover, during bad-weather conditions, a GPS will show you upcoming hurdles as well.

You won’t get distracted by maps: Reading maps while driving is an utter distraction, GPS is audio enabled and give you directions without distracting you from driving.

Safety tips while using GPS tracking

Rely upon voice directions: This will be beneficial. So, make it sure to rely more on the voice directions with an occasional glance at the map to confirm or preview turns.

Don’t mount the GPS in between your sight lines: It’s good, not to be distracted. So, advisably position your GPS low and near the dashboard and out of key driving sight lines.

Convexicon is a trusted name for GPS vehicle tracking systems. At Convexicon, the GPS solutions are made with a long term vision and adaptability. Our GPS products are made with the long term understanding of the needs of clients. The brand consists of young team of enthusiasts with technical expertise who provide top notch software solutions with a responsive customer service desk. We deliver high quality GPS Devices and Tracking solutions that help you achieve challenging business objectives. Happy to help you!



How to choose a proper device for your vehicle?

A vehicle tracking device has become a vital part of your vehicle. If we are looking to buy a car then you will ask for friends, family, dealers and also search on the internet. Acquire their views or experienced we build our mindset and choose the best option ever. Everyone has a different sense of taste or choice, it usually occurs. Now it’s time to take some important steps like to install some extra accessories in the car as per need, Insurance policy and security device.

Sometimes we choose a few quality items and sometimes go for temporary, but We can say no compromise with safety or security. Always select the quality Vehicle Tracking device for your car. We have tested so many devices and at the end we find European devices are better than others. We are not talking about the design and price, the main constraint is relevant records or information, If the device throws the actual records, the results then it is good for us otherwise useless.

To know complete information about the device we should check the data/records/reports within 2-3 days or weekly/ monthly. Lots of vehicles has already a security device fitted but not working properly. The owner is in illusion, he has installed quality tracking devices in his vehicle and the vehicle is in safe zone. Come out from Illusion and check the Device is working properly or not. Don’t be confused call to your vehicle tracking device provider and get to know the complete details about device like real time tracking reports, mileage, location, idle time, speed of the vehicle. You can examine yourself , if you are driving at 60 kmph then tracking device is showing 60kmph or something else. Find out the major issue like:-


Speed :- Examine the speed of your car from Speed Meter and also check in the tracking device software both are same or different result.

Location : – Location is also a major issue, if you are in ABC city and the software shows xyz city, then it creates a big problem for you. Location of vehicle always helps the owner to notify, the vehicle is running in the right direction or not.

GEO fencing : – Can you set the GEO fencing for your vehicle or not. It means you set the specified area where your vehicle will move, if go outside the fence then alerts comes in your mobile.

Idle time :- Is idle time is coming properly, idle times mean stoppage of your vehicle, how many times it stop in traffic, red lights or anywhere else.

At the End I want to say, if you need a complete security of your vehicle then choose the best device for your vehicle and use proper vehicle tracking software to get complete records of your car. A Quality Device can make you happy or tension free.

Feel free to contact Our technical Experts at 8800443333


Author – Amit


Avoid Misuse of vehicle/Car

GPS tracking solutions permit you to prevent the misuse of vehicle or car. Prices are rising day by day and income is still same. This is a very critical situation for everyone and we only think, “how we can control our expensive or increase income whatever else”. But there are lots of general expense, which cannot be stopped with the help of GPS tracking system you can put fullistop on extra expenditure on car.

According to our recent survey,  a lot of cars misused by their drivers, and owner has no information about it. GPS tracker is the best solution to avoid the misuse of the vehicle and reduce extra expenditures.  We have proven results for GPS tracker which helps owner to track all the movements of their vehicle in day and night. With the help of vehicle tracking software you can do a lot like track the speed of the vehicle, location of vehicle, idle report of the vehicle and many more.

As we know many accident cases ahead of us due to over speeding,  many of car luxury car theft. If it happens to someone, he/she simply says “OH MY GOD” but never tried to find out the most effective solution for the future.  Any incident can be repeated again, so go to GPS tracker company and stop unexpected problems.

If you go for tracking device solution then, you can get lots of benefits like driver behavior,  save money, vehicle life. If your driver know, The vehicle has fitted tracking device then he always come on time, drive very carefully and always communicate in an innocent manner. This is not imaginary facts, Its truth. And we can simply if he drives very carefully then you will definitely save money in maintenance of vehicle and save fuel.

Author – Amit


Manufacturer of vehicle tracking devices

Basically, we are the Manufacturers of Vehicle Tracking System Software which allows you to map out the remote vehicles you have, like your car, fleets, truck, bus, bikes, etc. in real-time location. Either for yourself as a safety purpose or for your business organization’s high productivity, this GPS-enabled VTS software will always be called advantageous for you.

Our standardized Vehicle tracking system device is known for its multiple features that it supplies to its each customer either for their Personal tracking System or Employee/ Driver tracking System. With the technological advancements, our niche GPS-based product, i.e.; “Vehicle tracking System Device” delivers you several solutions for your vehicle:-

  • Smart Vehicle tracker which shows Live Tracking round the clock
  • Your Asset Tracker
  • Exact whereabouts of the Vehicle
  • Security Theft
  • History Details of your Vehicle
  • Observe the Total Fuel Consumption
  • Alerts you at Geo-fencing
  • Alerts you at ignition on/off state
  • Alerts you at Over-Speeding Limit

If you have any query related to vehicle tracking system, feel free to call at:- 8800443333

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vehicle tracking system – Real-Time Reports

Well, all these above Real-Time Reports really assist the people in both the ways:-

  • Business Organizations: For better Planning, scheduling, increasing the customer satisfaction and enhancing the employee’s loyalty as well as dedication towards the company. Also, for decreasing the controversies in between company and the employees and building up the integrity in the Company.

However, a VTS device aids a business organization so as to increase their productivity in less cost. Along with this, there are several other necessitate questions in a company whose all the answers can be answered by our VTS device.

  • Personal Usage: For determining and monitoring your family member (father, mother, children/siblings) at the real-time location. If unexpectedly any incident occurs, then with the help of our VTS device, you’ll be able to find out that incident immediately and can take prompt action as soon as possible. It’ll be best solution for your security purpose, for which it is most popular.

However, a VTS device not only helps an individual for their personal as well as any of his/her family member’s protection, but also in many other security theft perspectives it is always required.

Our organization is also involved in exporting and importing a wide range of Vehicle Tracking System Devices across the globe with high quality Vehicle Tracking System Solutions. Being the leading manufacturer of VTS software, we our offering you a precision engineered Vehicle tracking System, which is specifically made as a Problem Solver for your personal or private usages.

Therefore, Convexicon Software Solutions Private Limited, embedded with the most advanced technology, manufactures and delivers the high quality of GPS-based Vehicle tracking solution that enables you to perform monitoring and controlling of your remotely located vehicles/fleets with ease.

If you have any query related to vehicle tracking system, feel free to call at:- 8800443333

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Author – Amit


Use of Vehicle Tracking System

As we discussed , vehicle tracking system allows the owner to track the activities of vehicle in real time. Vehicle tracking system can be used by anyone, it is good technology for companies, school, organization etc. Most of industries are getting benefits from vehicle tracking system. We are going to mention few points where VTS should be:-
1)School Bus:- I think Vehicle tracking system should be enabled in every school bus. School management and parents can easily monitor the status of school bus.
If we always drop off our children to bus stop, sometimes bus came late sometimes early, It depends upon morning traffic, but if it has VTS enabled then we can trap the exact location and rushed out from home.
Parents can easily monitor the school bus, whether it has reached at school on time or not. Lot of schools are already using Vehicle tracking devices for safety purposes.


Vehicle tracking system – delhi

Vehicle tracking system is an electronic device which is used to install in car, fleet of vehicles, It enable to owner to track the exact location of the vehicle. Owner can easily track your vehicle with the help of vehicle tracking software. Convexicon is one of the leading service providers of vehicle tracking system all across the INDIA. We have highly skilled professionals team, who provide better solution. We have already installed lot of tracking devices and they are running successfully.

Vehicle Tracking System provides solution for:-

  • Fleet Management
  • Personal Tracking
  • Car rental solutions
  • Radio cabs Solutions
  • School Bus Tracking Solutions
  • Container Tracking
  • Motor Bike Tracking
  • Ambulance Tracking solutions


Author – Amit

NOTE: Please write a mail to to arrange the demo for vehicle Tracking system.


Do you love your Car?

This is very silly question but very important. Lots of people have different types of car according to their need, like classic, luxury and Exotic. Everyone love’s his/her car and always try for extra care. We think, It should have all the facilities like floor mat, dicky mat, high quality sun film, quality seat covers, Audio system, Air freshener, remote locking security system etc.

If you want every accessory in your vehicle, then why not vehicle tracking device, One and Only device with lot of features like:-
1) Real time tracking
2) Geo fencing
3) Trap Location
4) Vehicle Speed
5) Vehicle Status (On/Off)
6) Vehicle Trace by SMS

It is not only accessory, it is a big asset for you. If you car or vehicle is enabled with VTS, You can feel relax and trap the every moment of your vehicle. If you love your vehicle then you will definitely go for vehicle tracking system or gps tracker. We have lot of cars and all are fitted a tracking device. With the help of vehicle tracking software we can monitor the location of our vehicle from your mobile phones, laptop and desktop.

Convexicon is leading manufacturer of tracking devices. If you have any query related to vehicle tracking system, feel free to call at:- 8800443333 or mail at:-