The More Efficient Your Vehicle Tracking System is, The Better your Business Is

  Role of Vehicle Tracking Systems in Business Vehicle Tracking Systems carry a great significance not only in building the reputation of your business but in management as well. Yes, I have got reasons for it, have a look Why your Business is better with Vehicle Tracking Systems? 1.      Firstly, time is everything in business: No denying, [...]

Know more about Fleet Tracking Systems

  What is GPS Fleet Tracking? The process of tracking and monitoring the fleet vehicles in a business using Global Positioning System is known as GPS Fleet Tracking. GPS installed in the vehicle also capture a wide variety of information such as vehicle speed, engine start up and shut down status, fleet route and idling [...]

Relax! Your Family Members Are Safe!

A short story of Meenakshi to begin with…   “I want to introduce you to Mr. Hitesh Aggarwal. He is our boss and we all love him, let me tell you why! We handle international clients and due to different shift timings, we have to return home really late at night. Initially my parents used [...]

How to choose a proper device for your vehicle?

A vehicle tracking device has become a vital part of your vehicle. If we are looking to buy a car then you will ask for friends, family, dealers and also search on the internet. Acquire their views or experienced we build our mindset and choose the best option ever. Everyone has a different sense of [...]

Avoid Misuse of vehicle/Car

GPS tracking solutions permit you to prevent the misuse of vehicle or car. Prices are rising day by day and income is still same. This is a very critical situation for everyone and we only think, “how we can control our expensive or increase income whatever else”. But there are lots of general expense, which [...]

Manufacturer of vehicle tracking devices

Basically, we are the Manufacturers of Vehicle Tracking System Software which allows you to map out the remote vehicles you have, like your car, fleets, truck, bus, bikes, etc. in real-time location. Either for yourself as a safety purpose or for your business organization’s high productivity, this GPS-enabled VTS software will always be called advantageous [...]

vehicle tracking system – Real-Time Reports

Well, all these above Real-Time Reports really assist the people in both the ways:- Business Organizations: For better Planning, scheduling, increasing the customer satisfaction and enhancing the employee’s loyalty as well as dedication towards the company. Also, for decreasing the controversies in between company and the employees and building up the integrity in the Company. [...]

Way to Marketing

As we know, everybody wants to promote your business at top of search engines to generate more traffic, more leads and more business. Everybody wants to set the position of their websites at first page. Within last 5 years, the way of marketing has completely changed, or it should be because “change is the constant [...]

Use of Vehicle Tracking System

As we discussed , vehicle tracking system allows the owner to track the activities of vehicle in real time. Vehicle tracking system can be used by anyone, it is good technology for companies, school, organization etc. Most of industries are getting benefits from vehicle tracking system. We are going to mention few points where VTS [...]

Vehicle tracking system – delhi

Vehicle tracking system is an electronic device which is used to install in car, fleet of vehicles, It enable to owner to track the exact location of the vehicle. Owner can easily track your vehicle with the help of vehicle tracking software. Convexicon is one of the leading service providers of vehicle tracking system all [...]