How to choose a proper device for your vehicle?

A vehicle tracking device has become a vital part of your vehicle. If we are looking to buy a car then you will ask for friends, family, dealers and also search on the internet. Acquire their views or experienced we build our mindset and choose the best option ever. Everyone has a different sense of taste or choice, it usually occurs. Now it’s time to take some important steps like to install some extra accessories in the car as per need, Insurance policy and security device.

Sometimes we choose a few quality items and sometimes go for temporary, but We can say no compromise with safety or security. Always select the quality Vehicle Tracking device for your car. We have tested so many devices and at the end we find European devices are better than others. We are not talking about the design and price, the main constraint is relevant records or information, If the device throws the actual records, the results then it is good for us otherwise useless.

To know complete information about the device we should check the data/records/reports within 2-3 days or weekly/ monthly. Lots of vehicles has already a security device fitted but not working properly. The owner is in illusion, he has installed quality tracking devices in his vehicle and the vehicle is in safe zone. Come out from Illusion and check the Device is working properly or not. Don’t be confused call to your vehicle tracking device provider and get to know the complete details about device like real time tracking reports, mileage, location, idle time, speed of the vehicle. You can examine yourself , if you are driving at 60 kmph then tracking device is showing 60kmph or something else. Find out the major issue like:-


Speed :- Examine the speed of your car from Speed Meter and also check in the tracking device software both are same or different result.

Location : – Location is also a major issue, if you are in ABC city and the software shows xyz city, then it creates a big problem for you. Location of vehicle always helps the owner to notify, the vehicle is running in the right direction or not.

GEO fencing : – Can you set the GEO fencing for your vehicle or not. It means you set the specified area where your vehicle will move, if go outside the fence then alerts comes in your mobile.

Idle time :- Is idle time is coming properly, idle times mean stoppage of your vehicle, how many times it stop in traffic, red lights or anywhere else.

At the End I want to say, if you need a complete security of your vehicle then choose the best device for your vehicle and use proper vehicle tracking software to get complete records of your car. A Quality Device can make you happy or tension free.

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Author – Amit

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